Table #8 I worked on V1 of this app last weekend in preparation for valentines day. I got it expedited by apple and it went live 8 hours ago. At hack brown I built V2 of the app. I want to show this to everyone and have them download them.

Date Discovery Engine. We help you craft the perfect date!

WeMap is a our crowd-sourced date discovery engine which shows you the favorite date locations of other couples around you.

There are a lot of apps to find a partner but rarely any for couples who are already together. WeMap lets you keep track of the most significant points in your relationship by plotting them on a map and help you create even more memories by finding new exciting date locations.

How this app came to be: My girlfriend went away to NYC for Thanksgiving and I missed her. So, as a gift, I built her an interactive map of all the places that we visited together including where we met, where we like to go on picnics, walks we have taken, and the spot we visited on our first date. Dozens of friends asked me to help them make a map of their own, so I sat down and made WeMap user friendly. Now everyone can enjoy it, remember great times, and discover new dates. Happy Valentine's Day!

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