The #WeMakeEvents campaign was a campaign put together by those affected by Covid-19 to draw global attention protesting the lack of government support to those without work. The point of the campaign was to light various buildings with red light. It was a peaceful but noticeable strategy. While the campaign was ongoing a lot of people said they would love to support the cause but what can they do if they do not own red led lights to participate? I decided to make an Augmented Reality filter for snapchat where any snapchat user can take photos of whatever they choose through a red light lens. Now anyone can participate in this form of new age hacktivism, is easy to understand, easy to share, and embraces new age technology and social trends on a global scale that is also peaceful. Along with the lens is the campaign logo and hashtag making sure the idea on purpose of the campaign is front and center. See:

What it does

Through a device camera lens is attaches the #WeMakeEvents logo to the picture as well as turn everything red. A signature calling card for the campaign.

How I built it

Using Lens Studio (Snapchat's Augmented Reality Engine) and knowledge of depth in Augmented Reality, I scaled a red, opaque lens to cover the camera and turn any image captured red while keeping the campaign logo on the side.

Challenges I ran into

I usually use SparkAR Studio or Unity for all my Augmented Reality projects, but to keep in theme with producing a solution within the timeframe of the hackathon, I decided to create a new project for a new platform, but this requires learning and using Snapchat's Augmented Reality Engine. So I had to learn the fundamentals of that quite quickly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

When I worked on the #LightSARed campaign, which was a localised precursor to the #WeMakeEvents campaign, that filter gathered 50 000 impressions in about a week. During the 2020 lockdown another AR project of mine won me best gaming solution at the MTN App of the year awards, I built an online art gallery and managed to qualify to be enrolled in both the MTN developer program for 2021 as well as the Global Young Innovators Program for 2021.

What I learned

The fundamentals of Lens Studio and how to build in a 3rd Augmented Reality engine.

What's next for #WeMakeEvents Snapchat filter

For it to go live on Snapchat and help gather support through the use of social media.

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