The inspiration for this template is to make a small website available cheaply, cleanly and quickly.

What it does

The template includes the standard elements such as global header/footer, text media elements, hero banners, card sliders, tile grids, counters and multi-column elements which is used in most cases

How we built it

The template is built with pure JavaScript, clean and easy to understand. I wanted to prevent the use of jQuery at all costs. File dependencies have been kept to a minimum to allow for good page load times.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenge was keeping the code clean and concise. Many small reusable macros were created and reused in all modules. In addition, my boss only allowed me to invest 40 hours for this project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm particularly proud of the fact that everything could be broken down into small pieces of code. This enables the use in various different modules and thus a clean, easily updatable code.

What we learned

HubSpot is fun but could still be significantly improved in terms of usability for the user and I have too many DIV containers installed.

What's next for wem-hackathon 2021

More modules in clean code style using of requirejs

Built With

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