I started learning investments in the stock market recently and observed there is a lack of a platform to get my hands dirty with real profit or loss in the real-time market. That's why I want to develop a beginner-friendly and easy-to-use mockup broking website which involves real market ups and downs

What it does

My website fetches the real data from the real market, gives you fake money to fake trade, and an opportunity to observe and track your investment and learn from actually trading and being a part of the real market out there.

How we built it

We used MERN Stack technologies and netlify and Heroku for deployment

Challenges we ran into

Realtime stock data is not available for free so we had to settle for a limited calls API

Accomplishments that we're proud of

User can perfectly trade stock using our website and fake money in our fake environment

What we learned

I actually learned a lot while building this website about stocks and investments and what to look forward to before investing real money into the market

What's next for Welthoid

Welthoid wants to offer complete training to beginners and students about investment and trading and implement more complex features like stop-loss and short sell options on our platform

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