Learning could be fun but when things get difficult, and the shadow of frustration lurks, a mental image of the problem could help us to see the light at the end of the tunnel, practicing with visual examples in a playful way, we can improve our problem solving skills or design algorithms

Learning competitive programming can be hard, but not solving puzzles, why don't we learn algorithms solving puzzles?

What it does

WeLoveBlocks allow to build a grid based game with capture the flag as the main game mode.

Getting the share link the player can attempt to solve the puzzle competing with other players, improving their codes, evaluating criteria such as code complexity, number of lines or good practices.


  • Code good practices evaluation
  • Code Performance analysis
  • Code Complexity analysis

How I built it

  • I use Rails as backend server and Javascript to design the Frontend
  • I use obelisk.js as isometric render engine

Challenges I ran into

  • Build an isometric game, could be difficult make a good and efficiently render
  • This was my first gaming project, I didn't know how to start

What I learned

  • How design games or how to start
  • How the isometric worlds works
  • How to use canvas as a gaming layer

What's next for WeLoveBlocks

  • Multiplayer Puzzles
  • Build a collection for the main algorithms
  • Include more interaction objects
  • Allow to a mentor help in real time.
  • Record sessions to make tutorías
  • etc

Built With

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