Our initial objective was to develop an application that people could use to ensure that their friends would arrive home safely after a night out. We decided to take this idea one step further and allow groups of friends to keep track of one another in real time. This app can not only be used after a night out, but it can be used at any time to ensure that there is no confusion regarding where your friends are at any given moment.

How we built it

We built this application on top of the Cordova framework. The realtime aspect of this application was made possible by Firebase.js. WeLocate was built over 36 hours by a team of four developers.

Challenges we ran into

OAuth and Cordova Compatibility as well as our unfamiliarity with the technology stack. We were unfamiliar with technologies such as Firebase's realtime database system and due to our use of Cordova to target multiple platforms, we struggled to ensure authentication across every platform.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ran into a number of struggles during the development of this application, and at times we felt like giving up. However, we persevered and felt an immense feeling of satisfaction upon finally completing the realtime location features.

What we're learned

This was our first time using Firebase, and although our unfamiliarity with the technology occasionally caused us to struggle, we are extremely happy that we stuck with it as with it our real-time application would not have been possible without it. Now having one app using Firebase under our belt, we're excited about being able to use it develop even better applications.

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