Having worked at a caregiving agency I noticed that many patients were in need of physical therapy but couldn't afford it. This inspired me to find a solution.

What it does

Welly is a state of the art, machine learning, affordable, wear-able health monitoring device. Using sensors in smart phones and in wearables, we are able to detect if the physical therapy exercise is being performed accurately.

How WE built it

Using Arduino, A LOT of sensors, leveraging the IOS platform, raspberry pi zero, a vary of text editors and design platforms. Along with the Arduino wear-able, we created an iOS app paired with a smart watch to improve what really matters for your recovery.

Challenges I ran into

Plotting the points in space was the most difficult but we also ran into troubles with finding the right parts. We were able to order some parts with same day shipping.

Accomplishments that WE proud of

With the time given and lack of resources, we are proud that we have a feasible product and a great team that gets along.

What WE learned

We are proud of learning new languages, programs, and even learning how to sow.

What's next for Welly

We hope to move forward with this project, getting the cost down and the accuracy better in order to help those that need the services. We also want to implement a couching service that our wearable will be able to assist with.

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