As an undergrad, was hit by a drunk driver, got spine fusion surgery cause I couldn't walk, had pain and biomech/nerual issues post operation, turned intro chronic pain, couldn't walk, needed a team to help me walk again. finished undergrad BS BME @ JHU, doing MS @ JHU

What it does

Help a post-op patient track/manage pain better. Automate as much data collection that is actually useful, only prompting for subjective data, eg. automate activities/sleep and ask user for pain level, thoughts/diary.

In the midst of chronic pain that fogs the mind, it's increasing difficult to accurately track pain levels, other health indicators, and treatments.

Doctors and physical therapists depend upon the patient to share that data, but it is prone to being inaccurate. Current tracking methods are woefully out of date, making it impossible for consistent data and understanding the relationships between pain, health indicators, and treatments. Ultimately, it is the patient that suffers unnecessarily.

WellSoon tackles the lack of clarity in long-term chronic pain trends, the confluence of various health indicators/metrics, and predictive insights. This is accomplished by combining both patient and clinical data with modern digital tools, such as machine learning (eg. sentiment analysis, DWP). Ultimately, the patient gains personalized, precise, and private chronic pain tracking.

How we built it

Combined my domain knowledge (BME, MSEM, patient, entrepreneur) and Kevin's tech wizard skills (BME, CS, dev, entrepreneur) Use ruby on rails for back end, html/css for front end, azure server/hosting, watson for tone analysis

Challenges I ran into

Installing linux and ruby last night, to start..... complete unfamiliarity with all of the tools we are using. Difficulty working w/ front end elements Server integration on Azure

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Something works! Learned SO much about the new tools available and stitched together something that has functionality towards a huge problem that is generally known but woefully inadequately addressed in healthcare.

What I learned

So much.

What's next for WellSoon

Keep building, keep get additional users, refine social enterprise model

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