The main idea of creating the Fairytale Land of Wellness is, first of all, to create a full cycle space (mechanism) in a fabulous game format that will help to lead a healthy lifestyle in the style of Wellness (Health & Well-being). And the specially selected fabulous staff of WellnessMetro helps all participants do good wonders and give a good mood!

What it does

It is like a game structure within a social network that is logically interconnected. There are routes in it where you can train your skills or just spend time with benefit. All space is conditionally divided / spanning / helping to build five wellness paths:

1) Physical health 2) Mental health 3) Perception of one’s inner world 4) Perception of your outer world 5) Creative realization of your potentials with monetization skills.

How I built it

I studied the structure of the social network and built a full-cycle space and connected it all through wiki pages. Now participants can use it without leaving their social network. (The pilot version on the social network VKontakte Russian version). All participants can travel for free through an unlimited space, which helps not only to form the skills of a healthy lifestyle, but also to systematize the information received and most importantly helps to consciously understand.

At this stage, we use wiki markup and collected all the algorithms in the gut of the social network VKontakte ( ). Next, we want to transfer all the algorithms to another resource, we are looking for a team that can help us with this.

Challenges I ran into

The functionality of social networks cannot cover the entire necessary spectrum. Plus, entering through the wiki page is complicated by the fact that to see the full picture you need to spend more time. Plus, you always make more clicks with the mouse than if it was on a specialized resource.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

WellnessMetro is a fabulous and gaming space, and for him we were able to not only create a fabulous staff, but also hold a parallel where consultants, teachers or parents can transform into fabulous heroes. We specially wrote fabulous stories and created a whole positive world. And given the current situation, where you need to occupy yourself with something and in many cases you have to do it with your children, WellnessMetro is a unique interactive and creative tool. He is able to connect different directions and different people, like intercellular fluid in the body.

What I learned

All I learned is that one is not a warrior in the field... And it is very important to be and work in a team that will inspire and support each other in order to achieve the goal. And it is very important that the team can quickly mobilize if an emergency develops and is useful.

What's next for WellnessMetro

In the long run, WellnessMetro will be like a constructor, where each participant collects it collectively from all other participants. But separately, he will see his zone of mastered skills. It’s like a multiplication table in mathematics or chemistry, it’s a periodic table, and if you have completed some skill and answered questions in a playful way, you will see a graphic or a completed part and as a whole your contribution to the common cause.

We still have many ideas and grandiose plans that will connect this virtual designer, for example, with an interactive board game, interactive fairy tales and cartoons.

We still have an idea how to connect a similar space to each other in different popular social networks, through a navigation resource, and then this system / space WellnessMetro will be available on other social networks (for example, facebook)

And of course, we dream that our project will be multilingual and accessible to anyone who wants to be healthy and prosperous - that is, everyone!

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