This idea is completely inspired by people we know ourselves, working women in our families. They take up so many responsibilities and have all but little to no time to look after themselves. comes to act as an accessible, all-in-one self-care website(soon to be an app) by working women who want a quick hack for self-care. We can see that mental health, skin, and sleep were compromised the most. So these solutions are created for solving these problems.

What it does

Mental Health API: Positivity Pal, a mental health chatbot that recognizes over 23 emotions and supports you emotionally.

Skin-Care and Makeup Help: Working women's everyday routine doesn't go without makeup. So personalized skincare routine recommendations was created based on skin type, preference, and time & money constraints. Currently, it helps with natural skincare, professional look, minimal looks, etc.

Sleep Tracking: A data-visualization algorithm that plots your sleep goal and how much you slept according to your own inputs. It shows how you have done over a time period. Hoping to make it even more customized and helpful in the future by adding a personalized sleep routine feature.

How we built it

The mental health API was created using dialogflow --this model was trained to recognize emotions and intents from text using NLP. Training phrases were added so that it would respond with as well. This was all done on dialogflow and deployed on google cloud.

The skincare and makeup help was created with workflow. It was done with personalized recommendations using machine learning algorithms on streamlit coded with python. After that it was embedded on It still has a long way to go to give more improvised responses.

The sleep tracker was made on bubble using HTML code to make the graph. The graph was made to gather dynamic input from bubble itself.

Challenges we ran into

While trying to make the graph, it was very tough to figure out how to make it with dynamic data, in other words, customized data. But eventually the solution was found and got to learn something new.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Feeling so relieved to make an all-in-one self-care hack for such a big community, working women. It was not so easy to not only make just one type of api, but three whole functionalities together.

What we learned

Machine learning is hard, but doable.

What's next for

A whole new personalized sleep tracking system that's novel and easy to use. Also trying to keep on bettering our skin care and makeup system.

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