We noticed a lack of altruistic opportunities in that were accessible to quarantined humans. We wanted to bring communication between a group of people that could be friends and watch over each others mental health. Also, silicone valleys bruh app was a huge inspiration for the sound button.

What it does

Upon exection, the login menu is shown where you can create an account or login. In the main menu, you can toggle between pages to show all users, (incomplete): friends, their moods and last time of contact, and available friends to be. You can also go into a chat room with a group on the same network (WSU dorm).

How we built it

We used tkinter to get the graphics, socket to get TCP connection, and json and cvs for profile data management.

Challenges we ran into

Two of our teammates had long periods of time with internet and/or power difficulties, so progression was a bit slow at times. Tkinter is a very tough library to learn in a day, and is even harder to have multiple threads of screens (not thread safe). None of us had every learned the TCP communication protocol, so debugging a server/multi-client/multi-device program was quit difficult.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finished! We never thought we could have a finished project that we all felt positive about, but as strangers we came together and will watch the other projects as a team. Individually, we had a teammate who had not used python before so they were learning python on the fly, a teammate who had never used tkinter, and none of us had ever learned TC communication protocol. Our whole project was a giant learning experience that could not have been better (except with better internet!).

What we learned

We learned to work together and continue to code even though it feels like it is useless. We learned just about everything about our project on the fly: tkinter, python, tcp, and threading. This was all of our first hackathons, and we learned so much about python and programming as a whole.

What's next for Wellness Chat

None of us knew each other before coming into the event, and we hope to continue working and studying together. We may even be back next year!

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