As an aspiring physician, I wanted to create something that can play a role in eliminating disparities between communities, achieving health equity, and improving access to healthcare. In my time shadowing in emergency departments and ICUs, I've become all too aware of the consequences of waiting too long before finally reaching out to medical professionals. Preventative care is so important, yet many risk factors remain unaddressed until greater problems arise. Not only that, many communities face language barriers, which only serves to increase their reluctance to enter an unfamiliar environment.

What it does

The goal of my app is to serve as an easy-to-understand way of tracking important health parameters, with images and clear instructions. It's a quick reminder for people to do something as simple as check their BP once a day or track changes in mood. This app aims to improve both mental and physical health of its users as well as educate on the significance of preventative healthcare.

How I built it

Coded in Swift, using Xcode Animated with Procreate

Challenges I ran into

  1. Downloading Xcode (I had to basically clear my entire laptop in order to make space for the application)
  2. Remembering how to code again (I had to reach into the dusty confines of my brain to find stuff from those intensive CS courses I took 2-3 years ago.)

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Since switching out of computer science to bioengineering and neuroscience, I haven't really coded much in the past couple of years. But I was able to pick up a new programming language more easily than I expected! Within a few hours, I felt comfortable coding again :)

What's next for wellness app

Integrating the Google Translate API, instead of manually translating all the prompts. Exporting to a .csv or .txt file (instead of printing to the console), so physicians can keep a record in the patient history. Figuring out how to go back to the root view after completing the check-in questions.

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