One of the hardest things for a depression individual to do is ask for help; the effort involved in finding a friend can seem overwhelming in the time of need. WellMinded is a simple zero character mood communication app to make this request for help easy. With just one tap a user can let their friends know if they’re doing well or if they are having a rough day.

There are many apps out their dealing with depression, but they are complicated and require a lot of data input before they can bring value to the patient. For many patients this amount of effort is a huge hurdle. Our focus was to make it super easy for an individual to inform their support group of their status. For the support group, WellMinded is an extremely easy way to see how their friend is doing without constantly bugging them how they are doing. Friends can also respond with one push when they a request for support.

With 5% of the global population suffering from depression, this is a serious problem. In the US alone there is $44Billion of lost productivity annually due to depression. We are initially focusing on people who are actively managing their depression and with a support group. We know that treatment for depression is 66% more effective when the sufferer has a support group.

The WellMinded team of people have backgrounds in healthcare, technology, and management - but we all shared in common that each of us has been touched by depression. Our goal is to create a simple and easy to use app to help the depressed get the social support they need.

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