Wellesley Fresh, the website that shows the daily dining hall menus, is difficult to access through a smart phone. The website is not mobile-friendly, so we thought that creating an app for the dining halls would make life easier for students.

What it does

This app lets students view the menu on their phone, and every time the website is updated, the app is updated as well.

How I built it

We scraped the text from the Wellesley Fresh website using python, and then used Flask to direct our python file to the app. We built separate pages for each dining hall on app inventor to better organize the menus. Users can access each dining hall from the app's start page.

What's next for Wellesley Fresh

We want to eventually be able to send push notifications before each meal so students can know when/where their favorite dishes are being served. We also would like to include an option for students to enter their comments/concerns about the dining hall through the app.

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