There isn't an app that allows Wellesley students to see where the buses are. When students tweet at this account, it will retweet pertinent tweets so students can keep up-to-date tabs on when the next bus will be coming, whether or not it's full, if it's stuck in traffic, etc!

How it works

Using the Twitter Streaming API, this program filters tweet streams for tweets directed at the @wellesleybus account, and retweets them to the @wellesleybus feed.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Simultaneously running two scripts: one to update the account on a regular basis with prompts to the community ("are you waiting for the bus? where is it?"), and another to retweet students' tweets.

What I learned

How to use the Twitter Streaming API!

What's next for Wellesley Bus Twitter Updater

Developing better followship, improved filtering (e.g., only retweet relevant tweets that actually pertain to the buses, rather than any tweet).

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