Many productivity and team management platforms and employers focus on streamlining processes and optimising workflows to deliver projects on time and on budget. However, many overlook the direct impact a employee’s wellbeing has on their productivity and ability to deliver results.

What it does

The Wellbeing app for aims to bring the focus onto the wellbeing of each team member as an important part of team collaboration.

To start using the Wellbeing app, install the app on your account and add it to your board. Your team includes all the users currently subscribed to the board.

On the Team Wellbeing tab, you can see how each team member is feeling at a glance. Want to see more details? Hover over the profile photo to see what’s on their mind or check out the table for a detailed list.

On the My Wellbeing tab, you can select your mood and write down what‘s on your mind. This information will be shared with your team on the Team Wellbeing tab. You can also see a personalised list of recommendations to help improve your wellbeing.

How I built it

The Wellbeing app is a React web application written in TypeScript and styled using Sass. Wellbeing data is stored using the Storage API and GitLab is used to host the React web application.

What's next for Wellbeing

A number of features are on our backlog including a widget to allow a team's wellbeing to be tracked from a dashboard.

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