• Reddit (Anonymous posting feature/option)
  • Discord (Community group chat, DMs, features + bots)
  • USA Mental Health First Aid (Resource page, language)

What it does

wellbee is a web-based application for students, kids, and adults alike to connect with others who may share similar experiences/stories, especially regarding topics about mental health. We realise how difficult it can be for students to share their hardships, especially during COVID; many are isolated from their loved and trusted ones. We built wellbee hoping we can not only provide a safe space for students to share their hardships & relieve stress, but also destigmatize mental health by encouraging students to raise discussions about these topics. Post-traumatic isolation is a huge issue in general, and we're hoping we can in some way change that. It uses KMeans Clustering a text vectorization to match users with other users of similar profiles. We were also able to use NLP to create a "robot" therapist which we demo on the website. On top of this we also use Sentiment, Emotion, and Word Analysis using nlp models to monitor the texts that go through our REALTIME chatapp. Finally, we were able to create a music-generator which generated jazz music (sadly we weren't able to get it out on the frontend but check github).

How we built it

  • Firebase
  • React
  • Figma
  • Keras
  • Machine Learning
  • GPT3
  • Lots of love <3

Challenges we ran into

  • Designing a real-time chatapp in a couple hours is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you want it to be performant with custom features like favourites and search
  • Working with gcp and flask is never an easy task :sigh:
  • Survey questions were sent to a more general audience. We would like to interview+survey students who would seek online resources for help regarding mental illness, so that we would have a greater understanding of our target audience's preferences and online behaviors.
  • We all lived in different time zones, so we had to plan who would be doing what at what time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Design sprinting, how to prototype+research in a short amount of time
  • A user-friendly design targeted towards students
  • Affinity mapping based on survey responses, & conducting "How might we's" for feature prioritization
  • Realtime Chatapp
  • 5 Artificial Intelligence Model
  • Coding a viable product!

What we learned

  • Setting goals, working in different timezones
  • We need to create more survey questions targeted towards our audience - those who are willing to seek online resources to help with mental illness.
  • Design sprinting methods! (Affinity maps, How might we’s, etc.)
  • A lot about code!

What's next for wellbee

  • Written confidentiality policy (to ensure users know when their info may be released)
  • Mobile App, more user testing + interviews to ensure product is usable by those in need of help; interviews to understand users’ behaviors and preferences
  • Work with mental health workers to ensure product is usable by those in need of help
  • Functional community-group-text feature
  • (Group) calling fatures


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