1 in 4 people globally will experience a mental health condition in their lifetime. But 54% of people with a mental health illness do not access any treatment.

Even for those who seek help, a shortage of mental health practitioners means they may not get the support they need straight away. In Australia, wait times for psychologists have ballooned, to months since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some patients are even being turned away.

There is a growing gap between those that need professional care and those that can access it.

So now, more than ever, friends and family have an important role to play in providing immediate support to loved ones who are struggling, before they can access professional help.

However 63% of people are not confident they know the signs that someone might be struggling with life, or how they should approach them and offer assistance.

We’ve recognised that there is an immediate need to upskill more everyday people so that they are knowledgeable enough to help loved ones struggling with mental health.

What our app does

Wellbe is the app that enables conversations about mental health.

It educates users about various mental health conditions, signs and symptoms to look for, and how to offer and provide support in real life situations.

Addressing a gap in the market

From a business perspective, there are already many mental health apps in the market, most are focused on self-care for the individual. There is currently a gap in the market for apps that encourage genuine human connection within the mental health community.

Wellbe’s purpose however is to encourage human connection by arming people with the right information and tools to reach out to someone they know who is in need.

Our Target Audience

Our App has a broad appeal to all demographics. Nearly a quarter of people globally (23%) would like to see education features on social media platforms in the future for learning. For our bullseye audience, in the next 5 years Millennials in AU, UK and the US are more likely to take an online course to expand their knowledge for personal development.

How the app works

To ensure the most relevant content is being surfaced, users will be asked to complete a quiz when they first use the app which will tailor the content that appears first in the feed. The quiz will determine what their motivation for using the app is, who they are looking to help, and if there is a particular mental health illness or topic they would like to know more about. The search function featured on every page, will also enable users to seek out specific content, whilst the favourite feature will allow them to save content they’d like to refer back to later.

At its core, the app is an educational resource that is easily accessible and intuitive to navigate. Users will have access to a content library feed of bite sized articles and visual aids teaching awareness and understanding of various mental health issues. All content is to be created in house to ensure content is customised to fit the brand's tone of voice.

A key skill that Wellbe seeks to promote is the ability to start a conversation with a loved one about a suspected mental health issue. Our ‘practice conversations’ tool will enable users to practice having the conversation with an AI bot and gain confidence before doing it in real life.

How we built it

Using Figma and a library of free images, we put our UX skills to practice. We followed the standard dev ops process - starting off with a wireframe and then moved onto hi-fi prototypes.

Challenges we ran into

When we first came up with this idea, we had to ensure we weren't creating an app that replaces professional mental health practitioners. We think it's very important to refer users to seek professional help.

We overcame this challenge by ensuring our product offering was clear, and we aim to include shortcuts to professionals and other organisations in the future to make it as accessible for our users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a chatbot for the first time with a unique tone of voice was something new for all of us, but we are happy with how it's turned out!

We also overcame different time zones. Jane was country hopping in Europe, so we needed to coordinate accordingly and ensure we were communicating concisely and clearly.

What's next for Wellbe

Next on the horizon for Wellbe is to turn our prototype concept into a functioning app.


There is also potential for future partnerships with the likes of other mental health organisations like Mental Health First Aid. We can include partner's referral links to ensure Wellbe is the go to place for resources for the mental health community.

The ability to link our app to social media will also enable users to identify friends who are using Wellbe who may be open to having conversations about mental health so that they can reach out and connect.

Global Expansion

This demo has been created with the Australian market in mind. We would look to expand to other markets and adapt the tone of voice and content to match cultural nuances or trends

Thank you for taking the time to read about Wellbe: the app that enables conversations about mental health.

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