WellBE let's you access the best in healthcare across the globe: wherever you are, whenever you need to see a doctor, no matter your diagnosis or the language that you speak.

WellBE makes sure that all patients have access to high quality, best in class healthcare.


We are inspired by the courage of people living with lifelong incurable chronic diseases.

Our mission is to build products that help to improve the lives of patients living with autoimmune disease.

What it does

WellBE works with Exonum, a permissioned blockchain, to create smart contracts so that patients can access cross-border healthcare using legal cross-border payments.

WellBE processes the medical appointment workflow completing all financial transactions on the permissioned blockchain.

WellBE maintains HIPAA compliant patient health data within the permissioned blockchain.

How we built it

We developed WellBE using Clojure, React and Exonum.

Built With

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