Inspiration - Well firstly we came up with this idea as we where sick of this old fashion working spaces that have no understanding of what people want for there work space

What it does - This is virtual assistant that connects to the whole security system in the work space and keeps productivity in the work space

How I built it- Firstly we built a Chatbot then we built a virtual assistant as we felt it can do more functionality we built the virtual assistant on IBM Watson cloud

Challenges I ran into we had trouble build the api to of salto to connect we had find different solutions to help us out to make the connection

Accomplishments that I'm proud of- we are proud of Marcus cause he helped with the api

What I learned- we learned how to build a virtual assistant on IBM watson

What's next for well3r - we look to have partners with hubhub and look to build partners with weworks and other work spaces and offices to bring the assistant to there space.

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