According to a Research Brief by NEHI , and as reported by the research news outlet NPR, 25% of existing health cases can be self-treated or can be treated through teleconsultation saving us 18 billion US Dollars per year in healthcare expenditure. Reliable and accessible healthcare is the need of the hour.

What it does

  • Well Wisher is the ideal API to assist patients in preliminary diagnosis. It contains all the healthcare essential APIs which helps with the quickest, smartest & easiest way to identify your health conditions and learn whether you need medical treatment on a single call.
  • It also has multiple free and open source alert systems like telegram bot, slack bot, discord bot etc which helps increase feasibility of the application.
  • Our API also provides the nearest Healthcare center for treatment purposes. Which helps us to find the nearest Healthcare center in unknown locations.

How we built it

We began development by collecting data from a reliable source. We used data from the world's largest data science community : Kaggle to ensure generalized data on multiple varied health conditions Multiple machine learning models were developed to ensure the best possible accuracy in prediction of any health issues. It was then deployed using the Heroku server and Flask framework. So everyone can test and use these Well Wishers API and be Healthy always!!!

Challenges we ran into

  • Selecting authorized dataset
  • Accuracy of Model

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Telegram Bot is a unique feature compared to other participants
  • Easy Integration with applications
  • Simple & multiple options for alerts.
  • Safe and anonymous
  • Ensures user data privacy
  • It's trustworthy because trained using authorized dataset
  • It's very user-friendly even you can directly access any API using your details from Postman itself
  • Preliminary tests can be taken at your own leisure and in any place you feel comfortable
  • It's highly scalable because of it's open source nature.

What we learned

  • System design
  • Teamwork & Team Management
  • Time Management
  • Integrity
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity
  • Self confidence
  • Critical Thinking
  • Consistency

What's next for Well Wisher

  • We’ve no doubt seen the latest development in healthcare in the form of wrist bands which monitor multiple health parameters. We want to use this technology in coordination with our API to develop a system that can automatically sense the parameters and also help us identify any health issue in the user.
  • A larger, more extensive dataset can be created and used to identify the issues present with greater precision
  • We can add more functionalities/API for increase scalability
  • Voice assistance features can be added to our system to improve accessibility.
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