I attended the hackathon at the first-ever World Cryptocurrency Economic Forum (WCEF), and heard about WELL ( and their plans to do a token sale via the Exonum blockchain toward improving access to healthcare.

What it does

This hackathon project sets up an Exonum blockchain and demos a fundraising campaign for medicine using example WELL tokens.

How I built it

I learned about Exonum and blockchain, and set up WELL Wallets for a patient and provider, and can transfer funds from one wallet to another. I set up a demo front-end and backend for Web and Mobile. A mobile interface allows patients to start fundraising campaigns for healthcare needs (e.g. crucial medicine) on the go. Especially in developing countries, people have more access to mobile interfaces like Android than desktops or laptops.

Challenges I ran into

I'm new to blockchain so had to quickly absorb a lot of info from scratch. A lot of the technology is new and evolving, so the documentation wasn't obvious to me.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Set up something I can demo in less than one day.

What I learned

How to set up a blockchain, create wallets, transfer funds.

What's next for WELL Pay

Evolve the demo for the hackathon presentations.

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