Our group consists of two Wellesley students and one Olin student. This was also the first time any of us interacted with a student from one of the other BOW colleges. We had a great time meeting each other, and as we talked, we realized that we wanted to meet more students from the other schools. When we first started brainstorming several ideas for a project that could help resolve some challenges in our community, we thought it would be very useful to build a platform for which members of BOW( Babson, Olin, and Wellesley) can interact and learn more about each other. Currently, there is a lack of opportunities and no centralized platform to connect BOW students to learn about events or classes. As Wellesley and Olin students ourselves, we have encountered difficulties attending events hosted for all three schools.

What it does

The events page includes a listing of all the events for BOW students, including the event’s name, location, and date. The course recommendations page includes a list of recommended courses and the review associated with each course. The meet a friend page includes a list of students who want to meet other students and their interests. These pages allow BOW students to be aware of the other colleges in Wellesley and potentially create new friendships.

How we built it

We first brainstormed what features to include on our website on a doc, then created outlines for each page on Figma using shapes and textboxes, and then finally implemented our design on Glitch. We decided to build a simple and clean website with three main features. On the website, students can easily share events, course recommendations, and information about themselves. We built our website on Glitch because it was a convenient resource that was introduced to us. We also included a page that only administrators can access to remove user data that was inputted on our website. This allows for certain entries to be removed.

Challenges we ran into

We initially didn’t understand how databases worked so we alternately used local storages to update pages. We also had to produce forms to put on pages that connected to localStorage, and we had to learn some additional code in order to do so. For our website, our “Add an Event” page updates our “Events” page, our “Recommend Courses” updates our “Courses” page, and our “Share Interests (Profile)” page updates our “Meet a Friend” page. These pages are grouped together in our navigation bar accordingly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to build a full website during the 24-hour duration of the hackathon and that we managed to store data and implement it.

What we learned

Through this project, we learned about new platforms to design webpages, such as Figma and Glitch. We also learned new techniques for CSS and HTML and practiced designing an entire website. While figuring out how to add listings to the course recommendations and events pages, we also learned Javascript. Lastly, we were able to learn more about web development from each other as we collaborated on the project.

What's next for Well Linked

We would like to learn how to implement a SQL database and connect the database to our website to store the data. We would also like to add more interactive features for our website.

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