We have many friends and family who are physically cut off from the rest, and we need something to make sure they are okay in case they are unreachable. Countries like Canada and the US have welfare checks but that is not a luxury everyone can afford. In countries like Japan, where welfare checks are available, there still is a waiting period of 48 hours before a welfare check can be requested. Whereas in other countries like Australia, legal authorities perform welfare checks only in cases of prior suicidal behavior being exhibited.

What it does

We built an app that helps make welfare checks accessible to people across the world. Our app is community-driven, meaning everyone helps make it happen. We built a pipeline for people to request welfare checks through members of our app, by requesting them to check locations in and around their neighborhoods.

How we built it

React, Node, Express, Mongodb

Challenges we ran into

We had to perform GeoSpatial Queries on our database to retrieve the nearest and most relevant welfare check requests to our users.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app is in a fully functional state, and for being built in under 24 hours, we are extremely excited about that!

What's next for WelfarePatrol

We want to be able to launch WelfarePatrol as an application that is ready for use, and help build a network that can assist people in times of need.

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