We wanted to make an app that we could see ourselves using in the educational environment. After a long time of deliberation, the final consensus was a game-like quiz app for students of any age.

What it does

The user can either log into an existing account, or they can sign up for an account and then log into their new account. The student then can look over notes in the study section, start taking quizzes, or check their scores on the quizzes. To make this app more game-like, the quizzes unlock similarly to a skill tree, where you have to finish quiz one to open quiz two and three, and finish quizzes one, two, and three to have access to the final exam. Once a quiz is finish, their score is recorded in the grades tab. The user login information as well as the scores to the quizzes and exams are stored in Google Firebase. Our application has three test subjects that are Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

How I built it

This project was built in Android studio. Even though the group did not have a lot, if any, knowledge of Android Studio prior to this event, the upperclassmen really encouraged us to go for it. First, we each had our own project, such as developing the sign in page or the main menu, and we worked and expanded until we finally merged everything into one file and have been making final touches and additional aspects.

Challenges I ran into

All three group members had little to no knowledge of programming, especially a project. Two of the three group members have never used Android Studio, but now we are all pretty confident in our skills in what we built. Our biggest challenges were trying to incorporate the Google Firebase as well as figure out how to read data from one activity to another.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Building a functioning Android app in 24 hours with no prior knowledge of the programming software before the event.

What I learned

We all learned how to use Android Studio and develop a neat, clean looking application that is appealing to the student demographic. None of us were really confident in the beginning of this event, but now we are so proud of everything we have learned and how we did what we once though was impossible.

What's next for WeLearn

Potential to have a teacher portal for uploading content for the student or maybe having a student discussion board for students who share the same class.

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