Like many developers and entrepreneurs, we spend most of our time in a co-working space. Co-working spaces can be hectic if you miss a connection or can't find your meeting. We wanted to create a virtual receptionist that links up a user with a colleague, flawlessly.

What it does

Users check in by selecting from a list of colleagues. The colleague receives a Spark notification and a video call is opened with the user. The colleague's location is illustrated for the user, in real time. No missed connections, no ambiguity.

How we built it

Cisco Spark provides chat and video calling via a bot. The bot communicates with the receptionist front end via PubNub BLOCKS. The receptionist receives the colleague's coordinates from and uses Esri ArcGIS to stream the colleague's location on a 3-D map. The receptionist is hosted on, provided by Radix. Slick.

Challenges we ran into

Integrating three different SDKs took longer than expected.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Smooth video calls and streaming location tracking in the browser are are pleasure to see.

What we learned

-A vast amount about map data and rendering with ArcGIS -The power and simplicity of PubNub BLOCKS -The convenience and excellent user experience of Cisco Spark -That the future is bright with evocative Radix domain names

What's next for

The first iteration of this product will be installed at our co-working home, the Ministry of Startups in Shoreditch.

Built With

  • cisco-spark
  • esri
  • pubnub-blocks
  • radix-domain
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