An integrated and seamless platform that makes traveling to Singapore easy.

WelcomeSG is a portal that we envision to have for anyone traveling or returning to Singapore, made hassle-free.


In times of the Covid19 crisis, information for entry to Singapore is scattered around the place and it takes a significant amount of time for anyone to get all the information he needs to travel to Singapore. Information such as the required duration of stay home notice to serve, where do they need to serve are always changing and dynamic in nature, making it much more difficult for anyone to digest and understand the process needed for the entry to Singapore. The inspiration of a centralised portal that'll cater for the sake of entering Singapore is required to resolve this current situation.

User Research

We've done interviews with 2 such affected individuals that are entering Singapore during this time, and have them run through their entire process with us to better understand the problem that they're facing. Bryon Tang was an affected individual returning from Australia after his overseas training with the RSAF and was directly affected due to the sudden implementation to the rule of SHN due to Covid19. He only had 3 days to settle his administrative matters and wasn't able to get much help from anyone as he was overseas at that point of time. He also had a unique circumstance that his family member was required to take a national exam and wasn't sure if he was able to serve his SHN at home or required to serve it elsewhere.

How we built it

We've based most of our time to find out what's an actual problem and scoping it down, and with the time constraints we had, we've decided to build a prototype using Figma. For this prototype, we only focused on creating desktop versions of the wireframe as we expect most of our user base to be mainly using their desktop rather than their mobile. Also, we've decided that a web app would make more sense as people wouldn't want to download an app just to be able to apply and get into Singapore.

Challenges we ran into

We've ran into a few obstacles during the brainstorming ideation process, mainly trying to scope down the main problem that we want to tackle. To ensure that we understand the core problem before coming out with any solution, we felt that we had to find someone related to the challenge statement and interview them to find out the problem faced, and narrow it down.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We've managed to run through the whole Design Thinking process of empathizing with people that has actual problems in mind, ran through a user interview to a user persona, user journey, and storyboarding for them. We've learned a lot about how design thinking can be used to come out with solutions to tackle real problems.

What we learned

We've learned how meaningful although time-consuming design thinking can be. With design thinking, we can incorporate and come out with better and possibly much more useful solutions instead of going in from the solution first approach.

Going forward

Potentially, WelcomeSG could be a centralized portal for anybody wanting to visit Singapore in the long run, even after the pandemic. Furthermore, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong, said he believed COVID-19 would not disappear, but instead “remain with humankind and become endemic”. So as to prepare for this we'll require a systematic and orderly method not just for returning Singaporeans, but also to cater to anybody visiting Singapore.

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