We as a group were very inspired by our nation and it's social environment. To reflect the nature of Canada's accepting/welcoming environment, we, the team were inspired to create Welcome2Canada. As Canadian citizens who came from a line of immigrants and settlers, we decided to pay respects to our roots and the struggles of immigration, by analyzing these struggles and hardships, we learned that there was a massive gap in how we can ease the transition for these immigrants during such stressful times. With the influence of our own heritage, the accepting/welcoming environment of Canada and the idea around immigration, we were truly and proudly inspired to create Welcome2Canada. Together with our project, we aim to unite Canada, because we are stronger together.

What it does

Our project acts as a hub for immigrants to learn more about Canada. Apart from learning about Canada, it also enables these immigrants to find tools, resources, services, extensions, programs and many more useful items to further aid their arrival to Canada. Through many of our offered tutorials and features, we are providing an all-in-one website that allows the users comfortability and accessibility. Not only does it prepare them for immigration but it also prepares them well for their integration into Canada. As for other features we also have a newsletter subscription to help them understand the workings and the many programs at their fingerprints. Following that we also have the unique quizzing feature, providing many with the chance to practice, learn and attempt to put the skills and tutorials they have learnt from to the test, these quizzes are also built to help prepare these immigrants with certification practice. Finally, one of the most coveted features is the immigrant mentorship program, where immigrants can use a social network to connect with each other, through learning from another person's experience they can become well acquainted with Canada. The best way of learning is through collaboration, by pairing immigrants with mentors it allows them to learn more and become better-equipped citizens of Canada. That is what our project does!

How we built it

Using text editors such as brackets and sublime text 2, we coded our main website with HTML and CSS, then went on to further style it using extensions and coding software such as Dreamweaver, Webflow, Bootstrap and Xd. Other than that we programmed special parts of our web page with javascript such as a quiz extension we have. We also used other software and coding languages/programs to spruce up our website to make it as clean, presentable and reliable as possible. That is how we built our project.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into were some beginner mistakes, forgetting to save files, formatting and some more. But together as a team we helped each other out and came out on top with a great project that we are so proud of. Those are some of the challenges we ran into.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This for many members of the team was their first hackathon and therefore that in of itself is an accomplishment, the fact that I made such good progress with building a web page and applications to go along with that is just fantastic. Other than we worked well as a team to accomplish our goal and bring together a lot of people for a common goal. Those were some if not the many accomplishments that we were so proud of.

What we learned

Working on this project made us learn the intricacy of collaboration, communication, critical thinking, initiative and more. It helped us expand our world of coding as well as our working habits/skills. We learned to use applications that we have yet to use as well as different languages.

What's next for Welcome2Canada

We hope we can expand our horizons and grow stronger as a community and help improve the interface with some more work as well as reach out and make stronger products and in-web extensions thus, improving this application for the use of the general public and more. We would like you to thank you for taking a look at our project and we hope you enjoyed it!

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