In October of 2014, a plethora of news outlets, including the British BBC ( published pieces outlining the international refugee crisis, particularly out of countries like my native Eritrea. I was heart broken. However, these incidents got my wheels turning. As a developer and long time human rights advocate, I am in a position of power to positively impact some of the most marginalized people on this planet. Enter Product Hunt Hackathon.

I realized this was an opportunity to quickly co-hack a product (along with Veronica Ray, a Duke CS and Public Policy graduate) that would start to chip away at this massive #govtech issue. As a result of my years immersed in the DC Tech community, I know that #govtech is a massive $450 billion dollar industry. I also know that YCombinator's recent request for start-ups included an interest in hacking government systems which could be run more efficiently.

When my family immigrated to the US from Eritrea as refugees in 1984, housing was our first concern, as is often the case with most migrants/refugees.

Ultimately the app will do more than provide crowd-sourced data for users, it will also ease the process of connecting refugees with other social services, and be available internationally, with data aggregated from around the world. Our target users are refugees, but we'd make money by pitching this product to the many government agencies which assist immigrants.

The code is open-source, pulled from an app that allows people to find gender-neutral bathrooms.

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