Covid-19 had a huge impact on the economy and tourism. People will not stop travelling but it is more dangerous for certain groups. This creates a need of new channels for tourism companies to offer their products and an opportunity to explore as people will not be able to travel with their loved ones.

What it does

Our product gives an opportunity for local business operators to offer their products to customers who are not traveling to Iceland - but their friends and families do. It also provides a great way to gain information of what to expect after arrival of your own travel and arrange things in advance.

How we built it

We build 3 user paths in the app, for a traveller (1) - who can purchase items and services or vouchers that he can pick up or use after arrival. A Greeter (2) - a person who can’t be with the traveler but want to make him feel welcome and less alone, A Seller (3) - a company account that is offering their products and services.

Challenges we ran into

The internet access and flight modes - This idea requires adapting to certain law rules in each country, if happens in tax free zones during layovers. Languages are also a barrier as many people do not have fluent english and therefore the app may have to be developed in a range of languages. Finding the right partners - New systems of use, products and services, a way to integrate it into a partners booking system Building a new marketing strategy as nothing like this has been done before and it will take time for people to start using it and get used to it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Deep analysys of the product market potential in smaller and bigger scale. Creating a good video explanation. Developing 3 user paths for a traveller a greeter and a business partner. Creating user experience background with personas and basic research for potential partners.

What we learned

We have learnt that it's especially important to have a good working team relationship. All members of our team provide different skills but equally contribute to the project. At the beginning we struggled with this a little as workload was highly dependent on one team member, however, we learnt to equally distribute tasks and workload to progress faster and make the process more efficient.

What's next for Welcome App

Creating a clickable prototype to test user experience Looking for local partners to offer their products building a solid marketing strategy To scale up the idea and expand the business to other locations and companies

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