I was inspired by black remote she website. Being a proud ally, I deeply believe in empowerment of the underrepresented communities. I personally relate to this cause because I have witnessed some of my friends from the community not getting equal opportunities.

What it does

It has two interfaces: one for the job seekers and the other one for organizations to conduct hiring programs.

On the Job Seeker’s end individuals can:

  • Create an Account
  • Create their own portfolio by filling up templates
  • Browse jobs available
  • Find help with resume review
  • Apply to Jobs

On the Organizations’ end they can:

  • Create an account
  • Post Jobs


How we built it

On the Frontend we used, React Js as javascript framework and tailwind css for styling. For the backend, we used firebase for authentication and storage purposes.

Challenges we ran into

Since this was my first time working on a solo project, i had trouble managing my time while taking care of design, code, demo video. I also ran into technical issues while trying to store images in database. I’m glad I was able to overcome it though

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of creating a functional website with good UI within the stipulated timeframe. I am proud of the value this website can provide to the communities.

What we learned

I learnt a lot of new react concepts and hooks and how it connects to firebase. Apart from that, I learnt about managing time efficiently

What's next for Welcome Aboard

Well, I plan on improving and enhancing the flow of the website and polishing small details. Other features would include:

  • Dashboard Analytics on both interfaces
  • Verification of deactivated profiles
  • Adding Filters

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