0x protocol.

What it does

Welandam protocol is an innovative new approach to decentralized ecommerce, which aims to enable mass adoption through better blockchain based incentives and protocol design. It enables internet scale ecommerce on blockchain for the first time. readmore at


How we built it

We used and existing open source project for ecommerce modified it to support welandam protocol.

Challenges we ran into

Modifying the project was challenging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

deployment of contract and modifying contract

What's next for Welandam protocol

build plugins for more platforms.

To interact with project

Welandam protocol aims to support decentralization of ecommerce through a smart contract and a network of relayers. Cezerin is going to be first relayer software that we support with more ecommerce frameworks like Magento, Woocommerce to be supported later. Following are the changes we have made here.

  1. Buy button submits a transaction to the Welandam smart contract with itemId, value and a set of addresses by shipper, seller, relayer and the customer, check relevant code .
  2. When a product item is added to Cezerin by a merchant its relayed to other relayers in the network(current does not work correctly) check relevant code.
  3. At some point an integration with Dutchex was tried out here.

How to interact with Welandam smart contract

  1. The Welandam Smart contract is deployed at 0x6e54f75413ddaf374188fd16b8e0888fee76715e on Rinkeby network.
  2. Use remix to interact with it by using the address and the code at Welandam smart contract.
  3. Also you can clone this repo locally and run it by

        1. npm install
        2. npm build
        3. npm start
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