The US Government spends $610B on public welfare per year, while the administrative cost can be as high as 40%. Meanwhile, low-income population often struggles with employment. We aim to create hubs where decentralized networks can come together for solidarity and support.

What it does

Wel-fair provides a participation economy marketplace that augments existing welfare programs. In this ecosystem, local municipalities organize open contracts that are tailored towards community benefit that are traditionally undertaken by private contractors, such as park services, community security and construction projects. Individuals who qualify for social welfare can claim these jobs and complete them for “tokens” to be used for topping up existing welfare allocations.

How I built it

We built it on the Ethereum test network using Javascript with React framework. We lean heavily on Bloom ID Attestation to build profiles for the eligibility verification process. We also leverage the iBeacon hardware to validate the completion of projects.

Challenges I ran into

  • Experimenting with new solutions and make them work in a short time.
  • Experiencing unexpected problems with the tools that we chose.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

What I learned

  • More in-depth understandings of the business and technological design for designing and building real world solutions.

Built With

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