Let's agree - investing in stocks and funds is difficult. We want to simplify this process.


Young people hesitate to start investing because they are either scared of losing money or they find it is too complicated.

Issues that we solve

Our easy-to-use platform offers a clear explanation for generation Z how and where to invest their money. On top of it, we focus on investments, that the young generation cares most about - green energy, social issues, and environmental problems.

We offer a number of funds to invest such as the Global Clean Energy Fund and Women's Empowerment ETF.

The investing experience is streamlined - the user sets up their preferences and their monthly contribution to their portfolio.

What we learned when talking to users

After talking to generation Z investors we realized that most of them really want to make their money work for them - they want to invest. However, most of them don't invest because they're either scared of losing money or it is too complicated and cumbersome of a process to start.

Another factor that motivates young investors besides returns is social impact. Young investors want to put money where there is guaranteed social benefit for the areas they care about like global warming, equality, innovation.

What we are doing right now

We are gathering users by asking for emails from interested individuals. We have already received around 100 signups just by sharing the elevator pitch on various social media channels.

What it does

We recommend ETFs for youngsters based on their preferences (e.g. Carbon neutral companies etc.).

How we built it

We used Gatsby to create fast and responsive static online pages. Moreover, we also used Nivo for wonderful charts. Under the hood, we used React.js to manage website components.

Challenges we ran into

We wanted to buy a domain name "" but our sponsors didn't allow us to buy the ".me" domain. Moreover, we had some issues with SSL certificates from "".

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Well, our website is working and we used our models to successfully predict the growth of the stock market.

What we learned

It takes at least 24 hours for domain name configuration to propagate.

What's next

We need to integrate the API with a partner brokerage to execute the transactions.

We are going to develop a mobile app because most young investors see an app as a must.

We are going to set up a legal entity with our legal partners to allow us to handle financial instruments.

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