Your New Year's resolution was to lose 20 lbs by February, but it's already April and you've only lost 5 lbs. Or maybe you aspire to have washboard abs, but your stomach still looks like a beer keg despite the 200 situps you've done. Achieving your health and nutrition goals is tough when you don't understand the balance between exercise and the food you put into your body.

Eleat simplifies the process of tracking your macronutrients, overall calorie count, and exercise. No other app provides the same comprehensive insight that Eleat does to help you transform your body.

It's as easy as taking a photo of your meal before you eat and recording your physical activities. With the power of the Custom Vision Service from Microsoft Azure, Eleat automatically identifies the food on your plate and provides you with data on your intake of calories, protein, total fats, total carbohydrates, and sugar. Additionally, Eleat suggests a variety of food and exercises to help you meet daily health objectives.

Reinforce your commitment to your body with your friends! Posting your meals and current progress to Instagram is a breeze.

Become the elite version of yourself with Eleat!

Eleat is now available for Android.

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