With over $90B worth of digital assets held in Safe's alone, it’s essential to have a more general solution than a regular multisig. The solution is - weighted multisig.

At this hackathon we made a module that can be integrated into gnosis-safe. Also we made a UI that shows how that module functionality can be used. At video you can see how it can work.

The main problem now is that if we want to see it in production we need gnosis-safe UI support for this functionality. Therefore we proposed the gnosis to fix this limitation and create expand utility of gnosis-safe UI. https://github.com/gnosis/safe-react/issues/2881

We learned how to work with a gnosis-safe ecosystem and we found it interesting. In the future we see that our module will be integrated in the main gnosis-safe app. After that we can make some examples of how to work with that and all users will be able to use it simply.

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