I was inspired to create this hack because when I was brainstorming, I figured that most, if not all of what I could think of, had already been done before. Therefore, I wanted to create a program that could display the information in an easy-to-read graph format.

What it does

Takes in a data file with the user's information, calculates a linear path for weight loss, and outputs a graph displaying the path and outputs the daily calorie intake to the terminal.

How we built it

Python, Matplotlib, Numpy

Challenges we ran into

Using Matplotlib for the first time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a graph for the first time in Matplotlib.

What we learned

Refreshed on reading from files, learned how to use Matplotlib.

What's next for Weight Loss Program

Moving the program to a more user-friendly format (adapting it to an ios format using Swift).

Built With

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