In the past year, I have lost upwards of 60 pounds. I hit the gym and ate right. Part of the reason I did it so well besides my discipline was due to being able to visualize and being able to track my progress. That process was complicated and took me some time to build with excel. It should be easier for the average joe. This what I attempt to solve.

This is my weight loss transformation if you are curious:

What it does

It will allow a user to effortlessly track measurements such as their activity level, heart rate, body fat percentage and body weight. It will visualize this data and make predications on a user's progress based on this data. It will also deliver custom tips based upon the user's actions.

How it will be built

I will build it using Django and React-Native most likely.

What's next for Weight Loss Analytics

It will start as a web app and then be ported over to iPhone and Android. There will also be a continued effort to interface with lots of smart hardware involved with fitness (Fitbit, Nike+, smart wireless scales, etc.)

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