When my team and I came across the challenges provided by JP Morgan and Axxess, we knew that we would love to combine our desires to motivate entrepreneurs and solve the issue of underrepresentation and disparity in healthcare.

Our goal was to help women and non-binary individuals, who often face gender inequality and discrimination as medical professionals, entrepreneurs, small business owners, and members of society as a whole. Our goal is to provide these individuals with a community of mentors and a platform to network and seek advice for the challenges they are facing.

Women and non-binary individuals are often under-diagnosed when seeking medical care due to the issues of inequality that persist in the healthcare industry. Our platform enables those who are a part of this community to seek aid from women medical professionals, who have personal experience with this issue and can guide them in the right direction for treatment.

Many individuals also desire to enter the fields of medical entrepreneurship or healthcare but are discouraged due to gender discrimination in the field. We are proud to create a community that provides members with advice, opportunities, and research to encourage them to achieve their goals.

We programmed this website with both HTML and CSS to provide users with a user friendly and interactive website.

We faced challenges with the time constraint and had to quickly brainstorm our ideas and develop our site. Our team had many functionalities we wanted to implement, so it was challenging to find what the most beneficial aspects of the website would be. All of us were able to better improve our HTML and web development skills through working on this project.

Overall, our team had a great time developing a project that incorporates our passions of both technology and healthcare. Next, we want to continue developing more functionalities and start bringing the community of women and non-binary individuals in healthcare and business together.

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posted an update

https://tinyurl.com/MedCenterOfficial We have created the new link above that directly leads to our website. All of our programmed features and information can be viewed through this link! I hope you all enjoy our project. We are excited to continue our work and begin building a community of business owners and women in healthcare through this website. We truly believe that this project can lead to a solution for the lack of proper diagnosis and research in health issues tied to women and non-binary individuals.

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