We wanted to address Toyota Challenge 3: Schedules change and no one likes to wait, but we still need to maintain our vehicles on a regular basis. Many dealers are independent, which creates gaps in finding available service appoints when you need them. Build a solution for finding the first open service appt. within 50 miles.

How we built it

For our usage, we created a small database of toyota dealers based in an arbitrarily chosen location (Cincinnati, Ohio). We created a title webpage and a secondary page that incorporates a google map, which the user can use to narrow down to dealers near them.

Challenges we ran into

Our team's experience with web development was limited, so we ran into issues when attempting to pull the information from the database, manipulate it, and send it to the webpage. At first, we had attempted to do so working with C++ and the Google Cloud Server or Microsoft Azure, as this would allow usage of SQL to select specific entries according to available appointment times and all the team members were familiar with C++. However, we had difficulty creating the backend of the website with c++, so we had to modify the original plan.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Junior: I was able to learn how to connect a back end language(Java) to a front end language(HTML). I was satisfied with the fact that we were able to implement Microsoft Azure to build a database that would later be utilized in Java. I learned how to work in a team environment and I feel like it gave me an idea of how ideas amongst great minds can be executed when communication is at the forefront. Thu: I am proud of getting the UI set up including using html with the map api and the css design. Another accomplishment I am happy about is setting up the google cloud services especially in a relatively short amount of time.

What we learned

Some members of the team were unfamiliar with using Google Cloud Shell, so the experienced member of our team (Thu) walked us through how to use it to interact with our Github repository. Some of the other things we learned are mentioned above under the accomplishments section, because learning new things is an accomplishment in and of itself.

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