1. Become healthier by shopping at wegmans. Considering nutrients of products, customers will have a balanced diet by getting nutrients information of food they add to digital shopping list and what they finally purchased.
  2. Convenient shopping with friends. Shopping at wegmans with friends is common. The shopping experience will be improved if we give some convenience for those shopping with friends.
  3. Closer connection to community. Moreover, it will provide people a closer connection to their community if they can share their shopping experience with others, such as their recipes, comments on foods and so on.

What it does

  1. Visualize nutrients of food which a customer plans to buy and bought, and give recommendations for healthier choices. We plot radar chart of nutrients of what a customer plans to buy and what he or she actually buys. The plots indicate which kind of nutrients they lack to maintain healthy.
  2. Create a shopping list based on product searching and recommendation.
  3. Build a platform for customers to share their recipes using food they bought from Wegmans.
  4. Provide a convenient tool for spliting or combining bills among friends.
  5. Purchase prohibition according to allergies

NoSql Database structure

{ id: string /* barcode /, sku: string / sku /, nutrients: { A / Calcium /: number / mg /, B / Calories /: number / mg */, . . . },

    A /* Potato */, 
    B /* Flour */
images: string /* link for img */


Peoples: { id: number /* phone number /, health: { name: string, allergies: [A, B, C….], dateOfBirth / age: number } record: [rid0, rid1, rid2, rid3…..], blog: [bid0, bid1, bid2, bid3….], friends: [fid0 / other phone number */, fid1, fid2….],


Records: { rid: string, score: number, date: Date, vData: / * scalable */ {



Blogs: { bid: string, img: string /* html link online storage */, text: string }

Easy to find Allergy:

set(goods.nutrients + people allergies).length  ?== array (goods.nutrients + people allergies)

What's next for WegmansPlus

  1. Combination of visualization and VR/AR.
  2. A more aesthetically pleasing UI.
  3. More social media functions. For example, healthy food ranking among friends, healthy food recommendation from people in the same community, shopping experience sharing and friends' commenting on products.
  4. More time saving functions. For example, real-time shopping path planning, assigning customers to specific counter to save time spent on queuing and avoiding crowded aisles when shopping.
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