WegmansDiet Test Application v0.1

An application that integrates with Wegmans' API to take a given shopping list, checks its nutritional content, and recommends additions / alterations to the list based on that information. This brick hack was an experience for our group. We learned a lot of lessons and faced a lot of difficulties. We were inspired to create an easy way to improve people's diets through mobile development. We faced a number of hardships. Our first struggle was technical difficulties with new (to us) software called flutter and flask. We struggled to have the mobile version work and properly communicate with our server. This was enhanced when one of our member got sick midway through. We weren't able to finish our application side but we made progress and learned a lot about flutter. We were able to interact with the Wegmans api and create dietary guidelines in a command prompt.

When opening the git to run the program open DietMain in the Diet package and run it on the command prompt. The application and flask servers aren't fully functioning.

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