The Wegman's app has a great shopping list functionality that will tell you which aisle each item is in your desired store. However, it can be clunky to use when shopping and pushing a cart around. This information would be much more convenient to see at a glance right there on your wrist, without the need to pull out your phone and unlock it.

What it does

This application has a web client that allows a user to add or remove items from their shopping lists. They are able to search through all of the products that Wegman's has to offer and set their preferred store.

How We built it

This was developed on the Wear OS platform for one part of the front-end, a Python Flask server for the back-end, and HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for the client that allows users to edit their lists.

Challenges We ran into

We had never been exposed to the Wear OS platform and had very minimal experience with Android development. This led to quite a steep learning curve to get a functional UI that connected to our back-end up and running. The back-end also required a lot of work in order to develop all of the various endpoints consumed by the Wear OS client and the web client.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We developed a functional Wear OS application that can reliably connect to our back-end service. We also developed a very user friendly UI to manage the shopping lists.

What We learned

We learned the fundamentals of Android and Wear OS application design, as well as various web development best practices.

What's next for Wegmans Wear

We would like to add in user accounts that make use of Google as the identity provider.

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