Inspiration: We reviewed the website and app and decided as a group that it was not very user friendly.

What it does

We started to design a new website and app that we believe to be more user friendly and better display the information on the site

How we built it

We designed wireframes addressing the pain points of the website and then build two pages. The home page and the careers page. The design is an example that could be a better way to get all of the links and navigation in without it being too confusing for the users. (HTML, CSS, JS)

Also, we built a example of how the app could look. This we used figma to get a prototype.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the API to work

Accomplishments that we're proud of

3 of our members are new and this was their first time designing a website and app. One member had no experience with app design or development and make a prototype for an app.

What we learned

How to create wireframes and pull information from an API

What's next for Wegmans Upgrade

Finish designing and building the website and app. Also, would work on improving the API setup. The api has many tunnels of api other apis that could possibly be set up differently for easier calls.

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