Front line workers have been working countless hours during the pandemic. From handling toilet paper shortages to receiving hazard pay, employees have had to juggle additional responsibilities over the last year. Especially for a company like Wegmans that caters to thousands of customers each day, we wanted to step in and provide a support system for all front line workers to use and manage their mental health on a regular basis.

What it does

Our website is a one-stop platform where any employee can fill out a brief questionnaire indicating their age and any disabilities they may have, and then use this to provide different self-care activities to help them destress. Examples of activities include quote generators, meditation, games, and music playlists for different moods.

How we built it

We hosted our website using a combination of Python, HTML, CSS, JS, and used several modules and methods within these languages to meet certain needs. For example, within Python, we used JSON, Bottle, and Random modules to route our files and communicate with the server.

Challenges we ran into

As first-time coders, we ran into several roadblocks along the way. Debugging was a major challenge for us as random errors kept popping up, but we learned extensively throughout the process. Also, taking classroom skills and applying them to real-world scenarios was a new experience for us, but we enjoyed working as a team and navigating any errors that came up.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Throughout this process, the four of us learned priceless skills on the fly as we sprint-coded for 24 hours straight and created a website that we’re proud of. None of us had ever worked in a team before to code, so this was a perfect start to get our feet wet in the process of teamwork and collaboration. We learned so many HTML and JS skills as we went and catered to certain requirements, and we applied our weeks of learning from class to a real-world situation. Most of all, we learned to persist through the journey and debug at a larger scale than ever before.

What we learned

We learned a lot more about HTML and CSS, since we barely learned about them in class. We also learned how to embed audio files, images, and videos. Most of all, we learned to collaborate and share our progress with our teammates to better organize our time.

What's next for Wegmans Care

We hope to work with Wegmans and expand the platform to meet their needs, and also make this platform more user-friendly. We also aspire to ameliorate the UX/ UI design and make it more in line with Wegmans' brand kit.

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