Our passion for the delicious food that comes from Wegmans. We also really wanted to explore APIs and learn how to use them.

What it does

Our website allows the user to search by zip code or city and find a Wegmans store near there. It then allows the user to search for a type of food and select certain items to add to there grocery list. The list shows the aisle location of each product in the list, so they are easy for the user to find in any Wegmans store. The products are sorted so that the user can find them very easy and only have to go down each aisle once!

How we built it

We coded as a group and talked through various issues together. We did not assign tasks but instead worked together to produce each part of our final product. We used trello and slack to collaborate together. We used Wegmans API and learned how to use postman to get code snippets to add to our javascript in order to access many of Wegmans APIs.

Challenges we ran into

Most of the problems we had came from using the API. It was both of our first times working with APIs so this presented as a challenge. We also ran into quite a few problems when it came to coding in javascript as we both are very new to the language. We also had some trouble getting use to postman, but now we can use it much better.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're both very proud of the fact that we learned how to use API and are confident in our abilities to use it again in future projects.We also learned how to use postman which we think is very interesting and a very useful tool. Getting the APIs to work was a big acomplishment for us. We are also proud of our cup stacking abilities (we won!) and our google trivia.

What we learned

The biggest thing we learned was how APIs work and how to implement them.

What's next for Wegmans API

There is a lot we would have improved if we had had more time. We would have used a google maps feature to display the Wegmans locations. We would definitely use multiple webpages instead of having everything displayed on one. Our Wegmans API implementation would also include a map of the specific store with a path to all the grocery items in the created list.

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