We wanted to do something that was equal parts risk-taking and creative with the Wegman's API, and out of this motive came the idea for a combination fitness and shopping application. As lifelong fans of Wegman's we were excited to take on this challenge.

What it does

WWWOWWW will plot your path through Wegman's on Sheridan in Amherst in one of two ways:

  1. Plot the shortest path to take through the store to retrieve all of your items as quickly as possible
  2. Plot the least optimal path through the store connecting all of your items so that you can burn off the calories before you've even purchased them.

How we built it

WWWOWWW is principally built using Node.js, Express, and Python 3. The pathfinding system is built entirely in Python, while the frontend is all HTML/CSS/JS.

Challenges we ran into

We had to take a shopping list and return a path through the store to retrieve all of these items. To break this down, first we needed a map of Wegman's to simplify into a traversable graph. From this graph we then needed to identify which nodes were required to be visited by the path, then we needed to draw this path using JavaScript on the frontend.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Building a graph reduction system to guide our pathfinding algorithm.

What we learned

Agile development processes, full-stack development, professional team communication, and NodeJS

What's next for Wegman's Wild Workout on the World Wide Web

Adding more supported stores, a feature to incorporate lunges to your workout, and displaying the meals that can be made with the ingredients on the list which have a caloric intake less than you burned purchasing them.

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