We were thinking of making a webapp, and then learned how easy it was to use Google Cloud Platform - specifically App Engine and the sentiment analysis using their Natural Language API, and decided to incorporate it with the Wegmans API. Also, who doesnt love eating food?

What it does

Takes in a user input on how they're feeling, then runs a sentiment analysis and uses the Wegmans API and Firebase to give a relevant list of meals. If you're feeling sad, we recommend foods that are known to fight body chemicals that induce depression-like feelings. We used the Wegmans Wellness Tags to categorize the recipes. Currently, we suggest healthier options if sentiment analysis is low and give the freedom to indulge if the user is feeling more positive.

How I built it

Hosted the web app on Google Cloud Platform and integrated the Wegmans API by linking a script in html to the main python app.

Challenges I ran into

It took a while to set everything up, like figuring out Google App Engine, the Wegmans API, and linking it all together since we were all first time hackers. Also we encountered a horrible CORS error not allowing us to properly use the Wegmans API which took a very long time to work around.

What I learned

It can sometimes be really easy to link things together and get things working. Also, bugs have the potential to hold up a project for a long time and for a especially for a hackathon situation, it should be recognized when a simple workaround should be used so the project can continue.

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