so i normally waste a lot of time looking for problems to practice, and so i think it might be better if i could just plan out the entire week + prevent distractions when i actually want to practice. i think it'd also be cool to be able to practice with others, so i added a share link to unite studiers together!

What it does

it recommends problems to you based on the division that you want to study, and the topics that you want to improve upon. there are currently 71 USACO problems scraped from (rly great resource btw).

if you find it hard to remind yourself to practice, you can print it out and stick it onto your wall.

if you'd like to study with friends, you can send them an unlisted link generated just for you!

How we built it

the main components of this project are next.js, firebase (for authentication/storage/etc.), and react-dnd (for accessible UI to format your schedule)!

Challenges we ran into

the main challenge for me was the time limit! i woke up pretty late today, and had to take an exam, so i didn't really get a chance to start that early.

right now, it looks like ill be able to sleep an hour today!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

i think that i did a pretty good job of scraping the data from, building a systematic database system, and making it responsive.

What we learned

i learned that im really bad with react hooks. i also had a bit of trouble with deployment ;w;

What's next for weeklys

hopefully ill get a chance to add more problems! a lot more problems are in the modules, but due to the strict time limit, i didn't get a chance to scrape those.

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