Inspired by her horrible packing skills, Molly thought up a web app that could help others squash their packing procrastination. We decided to create an innovative checklist that helps visualize things you need to pack in each bag you would take on a trip, providing an easy way to stay organized.

What it does

Weekendr is designed for those who hate packing. We've all done it: plan a trip, procrastinate packing, and then realize we've forgetten a bunch of essentials upon arrival. Weekendr solves this problem, allowing one to plan our their packing and check off items as they go. Weekendr monitors your progress and lets you know how much is still left to pack.

Click the "Get Started" button to start your list. Then select how many bags you need for your trip. The next page will open to show your list of bags where you may begin to input the items that you need. Weekendr will track your progress of packing for each bag. Once the item is packed, click the red delete button and Weekendr will show you your packing progress.

How I built it

We primarily used React for the frontend of this project. All of the pages are made with React Components: including buttons, checklists, and progress statistics. The style of the elements was done using Bootstrap and our own CSS creations. The backend of the project is linked with Google Firebase, Google's app-building platform. We collaborated through Zoom and GitHub.

Challenges I ran into

We ran into issues linking pages between each other. The idea was to have a 'next' button to link to a new screen, but we had some issues with loading the new React Component on the new page. After getting help from a mentor, we were able to successfully load the Component

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are super proud to be competing in an all-online hackathon, and that we were able to form a team and collaborate solely through zoom, discord and github. We are proud of overcoming our challenges with Firebase and push/pull github issues, and css design issues. We are grateful to have received help from our mentors, and it was amazing being able to see all the learning, coding, and collaborating that can be done in a mere 12 hours!

What I learned

All three of us became more knowledgeable about React and its benefits while working on his project. We also learned about Firebase and how an Engineer can store and retrieve data through this platform while building an application. Those of us who were not experienced with GitHub learned how to collaborate and share code through this tool. We also built great team-building skills, and got to know each other well!

What's next for Weekendr

The future of Weekendr is bright. Other functionalities to be developed are replication of the app on mobile, utilizing weather data to suggest items, and SMS notifications through Twilio. We would like to implement a sign-in function in the future and also a feature to save packing lists/trips.

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